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I bet you’re wondering what Dema1dah is about, and the fact that you are wondering is why I created this urban lifestyle clothing line. Specifically aimed at individuals with that la flare, that swag, that drip; I mean, you get the picture. The line has a broad range of fits for both males and females, both formal and casual, and a sporty range for your day to day serving of drip.

If you’re the person who creates a statement or trend when you wear your garms and have dem wondering, Dema1dah is the brand for you. We source our materials from the finest factories in the UK and our design team are on top of the latest trends, adding that island vibe to it.

Turning Heads

What sets us a part from other UK brands is our reputation for quality, timely turn arounds on orders, affordable prices and our head turning designs. Our ultimate aim is to bring our island culture to the fashion world and become the pulse of the heart that beats the UK and Caribbean fashion scene. We aim to be that brand which forms the expression of someone uniqueness and individuality.

The name says it all, Dema1Dah, people will always be wondering about you do what you do.
If them see you, dema1dah
If they don’t dema1dah,
If your quiet, dema1dah
If your loud, dema1dah and fianlly if you dress demaffi1dah.

Luxury Street Fashion

Urban street fashion loaded with Island Culture

Clean Design

All our design are made by top designers from the U.K and Europe, Using highly skilled methods our team comes up with new designs every week.

Quality Made

All our clothes are made with precision and quality using the best materials available and the latest printing and stitching technologies.


Our brand is recognised Internationally, as we sell our clothes all over the world and will be expanding our stores to places like Africa, Middle East and Asia.


We pride ourself in making Luxury street fashion for those who have an eye for great design and great quality.

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